Take the mystery and guesswork out of your business.

Gain a holistic view of everything in your law firm with in depth detailed reports.

Make data driven decisions - no more guessing

When it  comes to growing your law firm, we know it is important to see how your business and employees are performing as a whole and individually at any given time. Using LEX247’s reporting you will be able to make actionable choices based on data and insights, not gut feelings.

LEX247 Report Filters

Custom Reports

With just a few clicks you will be able to gain a complete picture of your firm’s progress, track firm wide goals as well as individual performance. 

Exportable data

Export your reports in 10s of different popular formats, including CSV, HTML, PDF and more. Use your preferred data analysis tool to further examine your data and explore deeper insights

LEX247 Export File Types

Explore your Report Options

  • Case Balance Summary
  • Outstanding Invoices 
  • Invoice History 
  • Invoiced Per Lawyer
  • Invoiced by Lawyer – Grouped by Client/Case
  • Invoiced by Practice Area
  • Invoiced per Client 
  • Client Report
  • Cases Report 
  • Expenses Report
    • Expenses Grouped by Lawyer
    • Expenses Grouped by Client/Case 
  • Time Records
    • Time Records – Sums per Lawyer 
    • Time Records – Grouped by Lawyer
    • Time Records – Grouped by Client/Case 
  • Executing Salary
  • Invoiced in EU 
  • Invoiced per Acquirer
  • Invoiced Per Case Acquirer 
  • Invoiced per Lawyer
  • Invoiced per Responsible Partner – Cases 
  • Invoiced per Responsible Lawyer Fixed Regular Amount 
  • Time Records Grouped by Lawyer 

For our enterprise clients, we offer the option of a separate SQL database that can be used with standard business intelligence reporting tools such as Power Bi and others for even deeper data and analytics. 

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