Robust and intuitive billing and invoicing workflow

Track 100% of your billable assets and bill your customers accurately and transparently in minutes instead of days.

Intelligent Billing & Invoicing Workflow

Stay on top of your billing and invoicing process with the most advanced workflow tailored for the legal industry. 

Generate batch invoices on a per billing unit or payer basis with 1 click and have full control over the whole process. 

Invoices can be exported in multiple formats and you have a full view with a detailed invoice change-log. 

LEX247 custom invoices
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Ultimate billing flexibility

LEX247 is as flexible as you want it to be. Because each case is different and requires varying tasks, LEX247 allows you to adjust fees on 5 different levels.

There is no need for calculations, printing or complicated processes. It all can be done within LEX247, in seconds. As a case manager, you can set different fees on a user, case, client or time basis. When ready, you can create and issue an invoice seamlessly with all your predefined preferences.

Custom Invoice Templates

LEX247 provides the possibility to customise your own Document Templates for Invoice front-page, Invoice Specification and Credit Notes.

The Invoice Designer follows same User Experience as MS Word, allowing for an unlimited amount of Templates to use from.

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Trust Accounting in LEX247

Seamless Trust Accounting

With LEX247 you can manage trust accounting seamlessly making  compliance with industry regulations easier and less complicated.  Trust fund management with LEX247 is easy and simple.  

Works with your existing solutions

LEX247 provides integrations with the industry’s leading cloud on premises as well as custom integrations with legacy accounting solutions. 

accounting systems integrations LEX247

Multiple Currencies

LEX247 provides unparalleled flexibility when it comes to your preferred currency. Your firms lawyers can bill in their preferred currency while the invoice can be issued in a totally different currency if needed. 

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