Seamlessly Manage your Firm's National Business and Billing Units

LEX247 is the most fully featured legal practice management software in the market. 

Bank Grade Security​

LEX247 uses two authentication methods to ensure the highest level of security for your firm’s data. With your law firm’s Office 365 account, you can easily extend Active Directory and any other on-premises directories to Azure Active Directory, enabling single sign-on for all cloud-based applications.

Time Capturing​

Automatically capture time of phone-calls with clients, time spent writing emails or drafting documents with the most powerful time capturing module on any platform.


Bill your clients on time, transparently and in minutes with intuitive, automatic and fully customisable invoices. LEX247 supports complete Billing System for Batch Invoice Generation, Invoice Editing and Approval to Payments and Crediting.​
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Supporting Enterprise-Grade Law Firms

Managing cases that consist of many lawyers participating becomes a breeze with LEX247. As a Case Manager, you have the option to Approve, Decline or Edit Reported Time and Expenses by case participants. The reporting lawyer has the option to edit the record or remove it completely. 

With LEX247, it is easy for multiple lawyers from multiple locations across the country to work together on the same case seamlessly. 

Clean Client and Opponent Registry

LEX247 offers the concept of Case Requests, which is useful for new Clients. Using case requests your team can work with new Clients and Opponents before formally accepting the Case and causing possible Conflict of Interest uncertainties.

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Whole Billing Process Support

LEX247 supports the whole billing process and seamlessly unifies all your firm’s billing units. Generate new invoices per Billing Unit or Payer/Client.

Collaboration and editing of invoices by multiple users, in real time. An approval process for Case Managers. Adjustments & Time Recalculation, which can be applied to Invoice, Case or Case/User level. 

Robust Rights management,  for Creating, Approving and Finalising of Invoices. 

Integrations With your Existing Systems

LEX247 is an all-in-one legal practice management solution that helps large law firms achieve a level of efficiency and growth that was not available before even with existing cloud-based solutions.  Our platform integrates with the legal industry’s favourite tools like VISMA, BOX, NET DOCUMENTS, with more being added constantly.

Integrations with LEX247
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Public, Hybrid or Private Cloud

Get all the benefits of a cloud-based solution and LEX247, including unlimited scalability and self-service, through a private cloud dedicated to your organisation.

LEX247 is the perfect solution for law firms that require direct control over their environments and data. With a private cloud solution, your organisation’s data is tightly secured and controlled on servers that no other company has access to, including us. 

The total cost of ownership compared to on-premise solutions is still significantly lower with a private cloud.

Lower IT Costs

There are many benefits to switching from an on-premise solution to a cloud-based legal practice management platform like LEX247.Cloud-Based solutions offer significant long-term savings compared to on-premise solutions. They are more secure, with no risk of ever losing your data due to hardware failure, unauthorised access or theft. They are more flexible, there is no need for costly and time-consuming maintenance. Furthermore, Cloud-Based software never becomes outdated and redundant like on-premise solutions. 

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Regulatory Compliance

LEX247 is fully compliant with the latest EU and US legislation, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which is due to take effect in May 2018. 

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