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Track Time as you Work

LEX247 automatically captures time of phone-calls with clients, time spent writing emails or time spent on meetings through your agenda and calendar. With LEX247’s intelligent time management features you will not miss a second of billable time.

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Track time spent on tasks

Typically, you have to start a standalone timer each time you work on an activity then register time manually. We know that every second counts so time tracking can be initiated directly within your activities tab, and then automatically added to the respective case. 

Adjust your tracked assets, anytime

Captured records are extremely flexible, allowing for multiple levels of adjustments. Once a time record is captured LEX247 automatically calculates the billable amount based on your hourly rate. However, if you choose to, you can adjust the rate from hourly to fixed or pro-bono, change currency, due date and much more at a later stage. Tracked records can be further adjusted on a user, client, client-user, case-user or time record level. When billing the client, if required, you can completely change the invoice currency. LEX247 automatically converts your billable hours to the client’s desired currency when issuing an invoice. 

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Approval Process for Tracked Assets

LEX247 is built to support workflows of enterprise law firms and large legal teams. When multiple lawyers work on the same case, the case manager can manage, adjust, approve or decline other case participants reported time and expenses. With LEX247 you know exactly when and what task other case participants are working on. Creating an invoice and billing the client is remarkably easy, fast and transparent. 

Capture Billable Time, Anywhere, Anytime

With LEX247 you won’t have to worry about missing billable hours (or minutes) as it fully integrates within your workflow.  LEX247 works in the background, for you, with you. We provide add ins for Microsoft programs such as Outlook and Word as well as iOS and Android apps helping you capture time as you work and on the go. 

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Detailed Legal Time Reports LEX247

Holistic View with Detailed Reports

LEX247 offers the ability to create and export detailed reports that offer a complete view of the captured time on a client / case basis, individual performance of each lawyer and more. 

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