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LEX247 unifies all your tools, simplifies your workflow and increases productivity and profitability

No need to juggle between software

Since the beginning our aim has always been to simplify and digitize the legal workflow. Using many software solutions in your law firm can be overwhelming, confusing and time consuming.

LEX247 brings it all together making it easy and efficient to use your existing solutions without the need to switch between tools or transfer data. We do all that for you, automatically. 

accounting systems integrations LEX247

Accounting and Billing Software Integrations

LEX247 offers advanced and robust integrations to the legal industry’s most popular accounting software solutions. We’ve done the heavy lifting so you’ll have peace of mind. Our platform integrates with most cloud based software solutions as well as legacy, on-premises accounting solutions. 

When requested we also provide custom integrations for customers with specific needs and requirements such as enterprise law firms with multpile international offices.  

Document Management Software Integrations

LEX247 easily integrates with the document management system you already use. Within seconds all your documents are synced across all your systems. There is no need to copy and manually move files around. Simply open your document, work on it and save it. It’s that simple. 

LEX247 DMS Integrations
Microsoft Add ins Integration

Comprehensive Office 365 Integration

LEX247 takes your firm’s Office 365 subscription to a whole new level and unlike any other platform available on the market.  

Additionally, with our Microsoft add-ins for Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook you can continue working uninterrupted as your files and emails seamlessly sync across all your devices through LEX247. 

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