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Manage all case related matters in one single interface. Go paperless with our intelligent, easy to use cloud based law practice management software

Intelligent Case Management

With LEX247 you can create, manage, track, organize and assign cases from a single intuitive interface. We use the highest security available to ensure the safety of your data, making it easy to access and manage your firm from anywhere, using our web, Android or iOS apps. There is no need for paperwork, you can assign tasks, communicate, access files anywhere and anytime through LEX247.

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Screening of New Clients

Advanced client onboarding with a pre-case workflow which allows for proper conflict of interest checks, money laundering control, structured information gathering, including documents and communication, resource planning and other essential processes before client approval.  Time and expense reporting is also fully supported in pre-cases. If the case is accepted, all assets get fully transferred automatically. Anyone can work in a pre-case but If you choose to, Pre-Cases can only be accepted as a a Case by an authorised person.

Unparalleled Rights Management and Access Control

Robust and secure rights management for the modern law firm. With LEX247 you can easily manage who has access to every aspect of your firmLawyers and other personnel can have up to five levels of user rights that determine their ability to perform different actions within the firm
Additionally, LEX247 offers the ability to mark any case as confidential. Only participants of that case will be able to see and access associated information such as documents.The confidential case will be hidden from all other personnel in the law firm. When they search for that particular case all information is redacted and an admin will need to manually grant them access
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AI Powered Conflict of Interest Checks

LEX247 tracks all relationships between Case, Case Requests, Participants, Documents and Communication and offers an automatic conflict of interest check for all new cases. This process alone saves our customers tens of hours weekly.  

AI Powered Workflows and Automations

Intelligent and intuitive automation designed to reduce administrative workflows and increase productivity by supporting the whole legal workflow. 

LEX247 offers advanced tools that are simple to use to help you manage and process your cases efficiently. Easily set up automated processes and set up customized to your firm workflows that streamline operations across your whole business. 

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