LEX247 - A True-Cloud Legal Practice Management Software

Seamless Legal Workflow Management – Stop Juggling Between Software.

The Best Platform to Future Proof Your Legal Practice

Seamless Workflow Management and Time Capture

LEX247 is built by lawyers for lawyers. From a single user-friendly interface, you can create, manage, track, organise and assign cases, conduct conflict of interest checks and share documents. Automatic time tracking from phone calls, calendar events, tasks, and emails ensures an efficient invoice process.

True-Cloud Increases Efficiency And Control

LEX247 is a true-cloud software platform, this allows for a seamless API integration with other applications, such as Document Management Systems, Microsoft Office, Compliance, and AI-tools, allowing law firms to streamline workflows, processes, and controls, without having to constantly switch between systems and windows.

The real-time integration makes it easier to find and retrieve the right documents and clauses for an effective case management.

Data Analytics And Business Intelligence

LEX247's native-cloud solution connects data from all integrations to a central storage, this allows law firm’s to manage their operation through informed decision-making, by leveraging data analytics tools and technologies to gain insights into case management, resource allocation and billing.

Data analytics help law firms to better understand their clients' needs and preferences, enabling them to provide more personalized and responsive services.

Save Money On IT

Unlike on-premises software, with LEX247, you do not have to be involved with managing the underlying cloud infrastructure, including network, servers, operating systems, storage, and application upgrades. All this is managed by LEX247’s SaaS solution.

Bank Grade Security And Control

Being a true-cloud system, LEX247 has Microsoft Azure high grade security, the law firms do not have to solely rely on the security knowledge of their local IT department. When various software applications are not integrated, it becomes harder to establish comprehensive security measures. This increases the risk of data breaches, unauthorized access, and potential cyber threats.

LEX247’s architecture is built as event sourcing, to give complete security and control over every single event, offering full traceability of any modification of documents or data, with a complete audit log on each business-related transaction.


Seamless Integrations

Streamline workflows, processes, and controls, without having to constantly switch between systems and windows.

Work Anytime, Anywhere​

With LEX247’s true-cloud software the legal professionals can work from anywhere, at any time, whether they are in the office, at home, or on the go. This flexibility allows the users to be more responsive and efficient, as they can stay connected to critical information and collaborate with colleagues regardless of their location. 

LEX247 works on any internet connected device including native apps for iOS and Android devices.

Loved And Trusted By Legal Professionals Worldwide​

Until LEX247, there has been no market operator able to offer multiple integrations to accounting systems and a completely cloud-based solution for all core functions

Now employees can seamlessly interact in common digital workspaces with support for administrative processes at their respective offices - regardless of country, language, currency or time zone.
IT Manager Sweden, Magnusson​​
LEX247 has a modern, user-friendly interface, including the mobile version. We enjoy the automation features with pre-filling fields and automated report preparation. Now we offer an even better service to our clients!".
Per Magnusson - Magnusson Law Image
Senior Partner / Founder, Magnusson
This is the best software and solution for our internal timesheet and billing system. LEX247 is efficient and easy to use across departments. They also have great support and give prompt response to our needs​.
JTJB managing partner
Managing Partner, JTJB​

Native-Cloud and Multi-Tenancy Platform

70% of all web applications are saas, but only a few of them are multi-tenant.

LEX247 on various devices.

Future proof platform

LEX247 is a native-cloud and multi-tenancy legal practice management system, which means it is specifically designed for cloud environments, capable of serving multiple law firms and offices (tenants) with their data isolated and secured from each other.

This combination of native-cloud and multi-tenancy provide benefits of both cloud computing and multi-tenancy, such as scalability, cost-effectiveness, security, and efficient resource utilization.

Native-Cloud System

LEX247 is designed to integrate seamlessly with other applications, such as document management systems, Microsoft Office and AI-tools. This native integration capability improve productivity as it streamlines workflows, allowing lawyers to share documents, case information, and collaborate with team members securely and efficiently.

Being a native-cloud software, LEX247 provides automatic updates and maintenance, ensuring that all users have access to the latest features, security patches, and enhancements without any manual intervention from the law firms.


An architectural approach where a single instance of software serves multiple clients, known as tenants. The tenants share the same software and underlying infrastructure, while their data and configurations are isolated from each other, allowing for customization for each group of users, while the entire architecture and core functionality remain the same.

Most cloud applications are single tenant (siloed model), this architecture means more costs, more maintenance, and a greater level of difficulty to update across the environments, increasing the risks of slower performance and security threats. LEX247’s Multi-Tenancy architecture is very important for Law-Firms operating under strict data security legislation, and those with multiple offices, nationally or internationally.

Enterprise grade features for law practices of all sizes

Just like your firm, the sky is the limit with LEX247. Whether you work solo or have a small team you will never have to switch platforms due to limitations in your practice management software as your legal practice grows.

Our platform already powers some of the world’s leading multinational law firms and some of the world’s most innovative small law firms.


Solo practitioners, boutique law firms & specialised practices operating within a single city.


National full-service law firms with multiple offices in multiple cities across a single country.


International full-service law firms with multiple offices operating in multiple countries.

Enterprise Grade Security

We are on a mission to make legal practice management simpler and more efficient. To achieve that and give you ultimate freedom in managing your firm from anywhere in the world we ensure that your data is secure and protected.

LEX247 provides enterprise grade, industry-leading security for all our plans. LEX247 accounts paired with Office 365 benefit from Microsoft Azure Active Directory for Authentication, or if you do not use Office 365, our own LEX247 authentication method, to ensure the highest level of security.

Want to know more about LEX247 and what we can do for you?

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