All Your Law Firm's International Offices Harmoniously Working As One

LEX247 was built from the ground up to serve international law firms. We offer the best-in-class, all-in-one, enterprise-grade, cloud-based legal practice management platform.

All-in-One Platform

Manage your entire legal practice with LEX247, from client intake to billing. Manage and control cases, clients, files, communications, while capturing the time spent. Collaborate in teams and work from any device, anywhere.

AI-Powered Workflows

Increase your law firm’s efficiency with intelligent automations, saving time on administrative tasks. Our features include automatic conflict of interest checks and streamlined legal service workflows by tracking case relationships.

Case Life-Cycle Support

Enhance client onboarding with our pre-case process, encompassing conflict checks, money laundering control, and efficient information gathering, resource planning and other essential processes prior to client approval.

Enhanced Client and Case Management Process

LEX247 offers advanced client onboarding through a pre-case workflow that facilitates rigorous conflict of interest and blacklist checks, robust money laundering controls, and a well-structured information collection.

LEX247 fully supports time and expense reporting within pre-cases. In the event a case is accepted, all associated assets are automatically transferred.

LEX247: Client Intake

Multiple Billing Units and Currencies

LEX247 unifies all business and billing units in your firm, supporting the entire global billing process. 

With a unique authorization rights structure for international law firms, senior partners gain instant access to data from all international offices for tasks like cross-border conflict of interest checks with a single click.


Powerful Integrations

Gain the flexibility to integrate with various systems crucial to your practice and revolutionize your international law firm with our advanced cloud-based legal practice management software.

Our solution is crafted to smoothly integrate all your existing systems into one unified platform, simplifying the management of multiple tools, enhancing collaboration, and providing you with real-time insights into your firm’s performance.

LEX247: Enterprise Integration

Bank-Grade Security

Through single sign-on and advanced authentication methods, lawyers and law firms, particularly those operating internationally, can confidently rely on enhanced data security and protection against unauthorized access.

Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) go a step further by extending your network’s security beyond infrastructure, facilitating secure connectivity with external services. This is indispensable for globally dispersed legal teams, ensuring secure access to resources from any location.
Microsoft Entra ID

True-Cloud for International Law Firms

LEX247 is a true-cloud and multi-tenancy legal practice management software, which means it can serve multiple offices, with their data secured and isolated from each other, while ensuring smooth cooperation between the entities.

Cloud Solution

Compliance Assurance

LEX247 not only ensures full compliance with the latest EU and US legislation, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), but also prioritizes safeguarding your data.

LEX247 Compliance

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