Billing and Invoicing

Robust and Intuitive Billing and Invoicing Workflow

Effortlessly uphold transparency and accurately invoice your clients in just minutes using LEX247’s advanced workflow tailored for the legal industry.

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LEX247: Invoice Generation

Intelligent Billing and Invoicing Workflow

Effortlessly generate batches of invoices, export them in various formats, all while maintaining accuracy and complete control over your invoicing and billing workflow with a detailed invoice change log.

LEX247: Invoices

Ultimate Flexibility

Easily customize fees across users, cases, clients, or time-based parameters using our intuitive system with unparalleled flexibility, tailored to meet your unique needs.

Say goodbye to complexity—no more calculations, printing headaches, or convoluted processes. Everything you need is seamlessly managed within our platform, all at the speed of a click.

Seamless Trust Account and Advance Payment

With our straightforward and effortless trust account and advance payment management, you can streamline your clients’ payments and ensure compliance with industry regulations for your law firm.

LEX247: Trust Account and Advanced Payment

Multi-office, multi-currency

Designed for multiple offices and currencies from scratch. With our exceptional flexibility, each of your offices can easily issue invoices and bill in their preferred currencies. There’s no need to invest in complicated IT infrastructure.

LEX247: Multi-currency

Works Perfectly with Your Existing Accounting Solutions

Perfectly integrate with your cloud, on-premises systems, and custom legacy accounting solutions without needing to juggle between software.

Experience seamless data transfer between LEX247 and your accounting software, keeping detailed audit trails and making it easier than ever to track financial transactions, ensuring transparency for auditing purposes.

LEX247: Accounting System Integration

Invoice Template Customization

Design and customize as many templates as you like for the front page of invoices, specifications, and credit notes using our invoice designer in the style of Microsoft Word, making it intuitive and user-friendly.

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