Features Overview

Why LEX247

Full-fledged document management capabilities, track time, access and manage your legal documents from anywhere, anytime. Stay productive on the go without compromising security.

LEX247: Card System

No more paper timestamps or complicated spreadsheets.
Streamline your legal time tracking process and focus on what you do best—providing exceptional legal services.

LEX247 - Time tracking
Automatic time tracking

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and jotting down time in notebooks. You can easily record time spent on tasks or use the timer function to automatically track time as you work.

LEX247 - Expenses-view
Expenses and receipts in one place

Track and manage expenses, while keeping receipts in one place for clear and simple financial records.

LEX247 - Fee adjustment
Everything according to your needs

Whether it's marking time and expenses as billable or non-billable, adjusting fee rates or duration, everything is possible according to your needs.

Time and Expense Tracking

Handle cases effortlessly through a single interface anywhere, anytime.
Assign tasks, communicate, and access files seamlessly via our web or mobile apps—No paperwork is needed.

LEX247 - Client intake and screening
Screening of new clients

Simplify client onboarding with our advanced workflow, covering checks for conflicts, money laundering, blacklisting—prior to client approval.

LEX247 - Access rights
Unparalleled rights and access control

Effortlessly manage access to every aspect of your firm, whether it's a confidential case, restricted business unit, or specific user rights and roles, and more.

LEX247 - Conflict of Interest
AI-powered conflict of interest check

Efficiently track relationships across the system and save time with automatic conflict of interest checks for new cases.

Case Management

Effortlessly manage billing and invoicing in the legal industry with our cutting-edge workflow.
Generate invoices instantly and export them in various formats, all with a seamless experience.

LEX247 - Batch invoices
Batch invoices in a single click

Easily create batch invoices with just one click while maintaining complete control over the entire billing and invoice workflow with a detailed invoice change log.

LEX247 - Advance payment and trust account
Ultimate flexibility

Say no to spreadsheet formulas and complicated calculations. Save time by using various fee settings, discounts, price lists, trust accounts, and advance payment features.

LEX247 - Invoice Designer
Invoice template customization
(Windows only)

Create as many templates as you need for invoice front page, specification, and credit notes with our user-friendly invoice designer software.

Billing and Invoicing

Manage all case files and documents in one place.
Go paperless, collaborate efficiency, stay organized, and save time.

LEX247 - Documents-view
Files and documents where they belong

It's easier than ever to store files and documents where they belong, whether it's for a client or a case.

LEX247 - Document Management System
Document management system of your choice

Work in perfect harmony with your favorite document management system, so you can work with documents the way you like.

LEX247 - Microsoft 365 add-ins
Native Microsoft 365 add-ins
(Windows only)

Upload documents directly to your desired case or client using LEX247's native add-ins for Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

Document management

Take the mystery and guesswork out of your business with in-depth, detailed reports.
Centralized data analysis from multiple sources in one accessible repository with LEX247.

LEX247 - Reports
Make data driven decision with insight reports

Grow your law firm and see how your business and employees perform with insight data from our ready-to-use and custom reports.

LEX247 - Business Intelligence
Custom SQL database tailored to your needs

Delve deeper into your data and analytics by integrating LEX247 with intelligent reporting tools such as Power BI, Tableau, and Qlik, and more.

LEX247 - File types
Export your data for deeper insights

Gain a holistic view of your entire law firm's operations and easily export reports in popular formats with just a few clicks.

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

Stay organized and keep track of all important events and communications in real-time.
Easily turn your tasks and activities into time records without data duplication.

LEX247 - Activities-view
Communication perfectly organized

All your tasks, activities, and communications in one place. Detailed communication timeline, multiple agenda and calendar view options for easy tracking and collaboration with your team members.

LEX247 - Notification
Never miss any important events

Stay on top of your career with notifications that guarantee you won't miss any tasks or appointments, no matter how busy you are.

LEX247 - Outlook add-in
Native Microsoft Outlook add-in
(Windows only)

Link your Outlook emails directly to your cases with our native Microsoft Outlook add-in.

Communication and Calendar

Unlock seamless integration with LEX247 across all your systems through our intelligent API.
Supercharge your firm’s productivity within a unified legal ecosystem.

Seamless Integration

Mobile Apps

Work anywhere, anytime, with law firm in your pocket.

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