Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, and Reporting

Elevate Your Legal Services with Data-Driven Decisions

LEX247’s Business Intelligence and Data Analytics provides your firm with actionable insights into case performance, client behaviour, and financial trends.

Client Intake and Satisfaction Enhancement

Gain a holistic view of your business with our detailed reports, and instantly export data in various file types so you can delve deeper into case progress and client preferences, empowering you to enhance client satisfaction, mitigate risks, and avoid legal disputes.

LEX247: Client Satisfaction

Customized Insights

Enhance your legal services, financial performance, and competitiveness while maintaining compliance and ethical standards through tailored dashboards, reports, and visualizations aligned with your specific objectives and strategies.

Scale Your Firm with Real-Time Data Insights

Effortlessly make better data-driven decisions with the freshest information from a real-time SQL database that scales harmoniously with your firm and adapts to accommodate additional data sources.

Unleash the Unique Business Intelligence Advantage

Effectively reduce data silos, errors, and duplication by centralizing data from diverse applications into a unified repository, leveraging the advantages of our native-cloud business intelligence integration.

LEX247: BI Integration

Business Intelligence with Native-Cloud Integration

Forget about locked-away data and experience flexibility with our BI database, a well-structured and documented relational SQL database ready to be hosted on your servers.

With LEX247’s native-cloud integration and real-time SQL database, you can seamlessly generate in-depth reports and data analytics using third-party solutions such as Power BI, Tableau, QlikView, and more.

LEX247: SQL and BI Integrations

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