A Full-Featured Platform to Scale up Your Small or Medium-Sized Legal Practice

LEX247 is packed with all the essential tools to help you streamline your workflow and grow your legal practice.

Case Management

Manage and access all case-related files in one place with LEX247. Benefit from comprehensive support throughout the entire case lifecycle, from requests to final billing, alongside your colleagues.

Time Capturing

Track the time spent on client phone calls, drafting emails, and creating documents with our cutting-edge time tracking module, available on any platform for unparalleled efficiency.

Billing and Invoicing

Ensure timely, transparent billing for clients with our intuitive, customizable invoicing system. LEX247’s sophisticated features include batch invoicing, editing, approval workflows, and streamlined payment processes.

All Your Cases in One Place

Transform your legal practice with LEX247, leaving behind the worry of forgetting your briefcase. Our innovative platform ensures convenient accessibility to all your clients and cases—past and present—anywhere, anytime, whether you are on your mobile, tablet, or laptop.

LEX247: Card System

Intelligent Conflict of Interest Check

Uphold professional integrity with our intelligent conflict of interest checks, eliminating the need for manual verifications when onboarding new clients. LEX247 conducts automatic conflict of interest checks with an approval workflow, allowing for the smooth acceptance or declination of both the case and the client whenever you are ready.

LEX247: COI Check

One Dashboard for Your Entire Business

Ever feel overwhelmed by piles of documents or spend hours searching for crucial information? With LEX247, your business’s vital data is intelligently presented in one unified interface, enabling effortless tracking of your business performance at a glance and streamlining your workflow to save valuable time.

LEX247 on devices

Integrate with Your Favourite Systems

Work in your preferred manner by integrating LEX247 with your favorite software applications, such as QuickBooks, Outlook, Dropbox, and many others.

LEX247: Enterprise Integration

Go Mobile

Oversee your firm while on the move with LEX247’s native mobile apps. Safely sign in using enterprise-grade authentication methods, easily track time, add expenses, and access files, client data, and your agenda at any time and from anywhere.

LEX247 Mobile Devices

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