Time Tracking

Real-Time and Modern Time Tracking

Report billable time, tasks, and activities in real-time with accuracy and completeness.


Automatic Time Tracking

Automatically record time of phone-calls with clients, time spent writing emails or time spent on meetings through your agenda and calendar. With LEX247’s intelligent time management features you will not miss a second of billable time.

LEX247 Time Tracking on windows devices.

Task time tracking

Because we value every second, which is why we have simplified time tracking so you can initiate it directly within your Activities-view, and it will automatically be added to the relevant case for your convenience.

LEX247 - Activities to time tracking

Adjust your assets

Easily calculate billable amounts using your preferred hourly rate, with the flexibility to make adjustments later. You can switch rates, customize currencies, set due dates, and fine-tune tracked records at various levels, all while maintaining control over the invoice currency.

Efficient approval workflow

Collaborate seamlessly with multiple lawyers on a single case, manage time and expenses, and gain real-time insights for efficient case management with simplified approval workflow.

LEX247 Time Tracking - Approval Workflow

Report Time, anywhere, Anytime

Never miss to register billable time with our seamless iOS and Android apps that work in the background, making it easier than ever for you to report time anytime, anywhere.

Holistic and Detailed Views with Our BI-Database

Effortlessly create and export detailed reports providing a holistic perspective on client or case time data. Gain valuable insights into individual lawyer performance and more with LEX247’s comprehensive reporting features.

LEX247: Report

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