Communication and Calendar

Stay Organized and Keep Track of Important Events and Communication

All your meetings, client and communications in one place—perfectly organized.

Lawyer Client Meeting

All Communications in One Place

Experience seamless client and team communication convergence with LEX247. Our system effortlessly organizes case details in a timeline view, ensuring hassle-free real-time updates and easy export to a PDF with full-text search.

Simplify Your Tasks and Activities

Effortlessly organize all your tasks and activities with precision. Enjoy multiple agenda and calendar view options for seamless tracking and collaboration with your team, without the need to juggle between software.

LEX247: Activates and Calendar

Never Miss an Important Event

Conveniently have all your events in one place, with automatic notifications to keep you informed, making the management of professional and personal commitments a breeze without the need for manual entries.

LEX247: Notification

Microsoft Outlook Add-In

Streamline your workflow and keep your communications organized with ease by efficiently connecting your Outlook emails to your cases using our native Microsoft Outlook add-in.

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