Case Management

Modern and Intuitive Case Management Software

Manage all case-related matters in one single interface. Improve your workflow with our intelligent, easy-to-use, native-cloud-based legal practice management software.

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Intelligent Case Management

Create, manage, track, organize, and assign cases with the highest level of access rights and data security. Convenient access and efficient firm management from anywhere, at any time.

LEX247 - Legal Case Management

Screening of New Clients

Streamlined client onboarding through our pre-case workflow, facilitating rigorous conflict of interest checks, robust money laundering controls, and structured information collection (including documents and communication).

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Unparalleled Rights Management and Access Control

Given the sensitive nature of legal work, the ability to control who has access to what information is essential. LEX247’s user access control feature makes sure that only authorized personnel can see confidential data. 

Our access control feature is particularly crucial in large law firms where multiple departments may work on different parts of the same case. Restricting access based on roles or involvement provides an extra layer of security and mitigates the risk of data leaks.

AI-Powered Workflows and Automations

Say goodbye to time-consuming manual tasks and revolutionize your productivity with our AI-powered workflows and automations tailored to meet your firm’s unique requirements.

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