LEX247 Simplifies the Lawyer's Workflow, So they can Thrive and Grow their Legal Practice​

LEX247 was co-founded by Magnus Mostrom and Daniel Halan in early 2015.

Daniel & Magnus were both working at Logica (currently CGI Group), a company employing over 70,000 employees in 125 countries.

Having extensive knowledge, one in technology and product building and the other in the legal industry, they both saw a massive gap in the existing legal practice management software solutions.

All of the existing cloud-based, legal practice management solutions were insufficient when it came to serving the needs of enterprise law firms.

This is why a lot of the national and multinational law firms, were using outdated, extremely expensive, and highly complicated on-premise solutions that were limiting how law firms with multiple offices in different cities and different countries work together as one.

Powerful Legal Practice Management for Law Firms of all Sizes​

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Since the beginning, we used a drastically different approach to our platform. 

Instead of repackaging what was already out there and putting a “for the legal industry” label on top, we started anew. 

For over 3 years, before even writing a single line of code, we worked closely with law firms of all sizes, to understand their needs, challenges and expectations. 

The end result was the most simple to use yet most powerful legal practice management solution in the market.

The word about LEX247 spread fast, within the first few months our first enterprise clients adopted LEX247 after testing it with their teams and switched to the Cloud-Based LEX247 platform from their on-premise solutions.

LEX247 is the number one solution law firms switch to when they are growing and have multiple offices.

LEX247 currently is used by lawyers worldwide and has offices in Europe, USA and Asia.

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