LEX247 is a modern cloud-based legal practice management software with a user-friendly interface designed to meet the needs of law firms of all sizes.

We provide a flexible solution that includes real-time synchronization, high-grade security, and scalability that aligns with your firm’s growth, saving you money on hardware and maintenance costs.

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Founded in Sweden in early 2015, while working at Logica, now known as CGI Group, LEX247 emerged from the collaboration of two talented individuals: Daniel Halan, a skilled software engineer, and Magnus Moström, a forward-thinking attorney.

With their unique expertise – one in technology and product development, the other in the legal field – they recognized an opportunity to enhance legal workflows and serve the needs of enterprise law firms.


We Do

Instead of repackaging what was already available and just putting a ‘for the legal industry’ label on top, we started from scratch.

For over three years, before even writing a single line of code, we closely collaborated with law firms of all sizes to understand their needs, challenges, and expectations in order to create LEX247, the simplest yet most powerful legal practice management solution in the market.

LEX247 is trusted and currently used by lawyers worldwide, with offices in Europe, the USA, and Asia.

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Agnieszka Pytlas talks about LEX247
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In 2018, Agnieszka Pytlas, a Managing Partner at Magnusson, discussed how implementing LEX247 helped Magnusson achieve digital transformation and what the future of legal innovation might look like.

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