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Streamline your entire legal workflow with LEX247’s all in one law practice management platform for Business Law attorneys. 

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Create, manage, track, organize and assign cases from a single intuitive interface. We use the highest security available to ensure the safety of your data, making it easy to access and manage your firm from anywhere.  LEX247 offers advanced client onboarding with a pre-case workflow which allows for proper conflict of interest checks, money laundering control, structured information gathering, including documents and communication, resource planning and other essential processes before client approval. 


Modernize your time capturing and get rid of excel sheets that waste you hours that could be spend more productively. LEX247 brings the most advanced time capturing capabilities to your legal practice. LEX247 automatically captures time of phone-calls with clients, time spent writing emails or time spent on meetings through your agenda and calendar. With LEX247’s intelligent time management features you will not miss a second of billable time.

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Stay on top of your billing and invoicing process with the most advanced workflow tailored for the legal industry. 

Generate batch invoices on a per billing unit or payer basis with 1 click and have full control over the whole process. 

Invoices can be exported in multiple formats and you have a full view with a detailed invoice change-log. 

Streamline your law firm’s document management. Go paperless, improve efficiency, keep organized, save time. With LEX247 you can manage, create, track, organize, send and receive Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents right inside your case interface. All your files automatically sync across all your devices and other cloud systems such as iManage, Box, Dropbox and others.

Make data driven decisions – no more guessing When it comes to growing your law firm, we know it is important to see how your business and employees are performing as a whole and individually at any given time. Using LEX247’s reporting you will be able to make actionable choices based on data and insights, not gut feelings. With just a few clicks you will be able to gain a complete picture of your firm’s progress, track firm wide goals as well as individual performance. 

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